Episode 1

Published on:

1st Sep 2020

Overcoming Fears and Trusting Your Inner Voice with Sara Ayers

In today's episode, I talk with Sara Ayers, founder of The Base Body Co., a company that created organic and vegan adaptogenic wellness powders to help you cope with the stressful realities of our environment and culture.

Topics Discussed:

  • Increasing your intuition and trusting your inner voice;
  • Being a female founder and overcoming fears of being judged;
  • Defining yourself by your work;
  • Coping with the "hustle" culture of the wellness industry;
  • Daily rituals to stay grounded
  • Being gifted spell books and love potions as a child;
  • Incorporating sound meditation through music;
  • Dating intuitively;
  • The importance of mentorship; and
  • Learning how to stand up for yourself.

Relevant Links:

Sara's Instagram

The Base Body Co. Website & Instagram

Create & Cultivate

Wave Meditation App

Dark Side of Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

Jenna Zoe, human design reader

Centr (Chris Hemsworth's company)

As always, thank you to Maytav Koter and Spencer Stewart for the music on my podcast.

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On Undefined, our host, Marisa Tashman, shares her conversations with thought-leaders, change-makers, and passion-players who have journeyed to return to the core of who they are. Together we explore authenticity, identity, core beliefs, definitions, conditioning and societal programming, social justice, relationships, spirituality, mindfulness, wellness, and self-love.
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Hi, I'm Marisa (insert wave emoji here). Sometimes I feel like I'm pretending. Don't we all? Avoiding authenticity as a defense mechanism or coping tactic to survive in a society that conditions us to be someone. Classic human. In 2020, amidst the never-ending anxiety and over-purchasing of hand sanitizer/lysol wipes/face masks/shields, I created a podcast called Undefined (naturally came up with the name during a soundbath...totally on brand and not surprising to any of you). Undefined is the embodiment of my exploration of identity - my own identity, my guests' identities, and the identities that are thrown upon us all by the amorphous "them" in charge of our world. As a lawyer (i.e., yet another definition I subscribe to), I investigate facts...but the feelings and the deeper truer parts are often left out. I share my conversation with others who are also exploring these questions. Who am I? Where is the boundary between my authentic self and my programmed self? How do I practice more authenticity? What does it mean to be true to yourself?